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Be Your Passion

I was thinking about the phrase, "history repeats itself," and so in this way, we are meant to learn from it and not repeat it. Over the last thirty years or so, I believe that our history was so polished over, because it was not easily sharable, our voices have become louder and more singular, thanks to social media.

Yet, does this mean that we haven't been learning anything at all? When too many people believe in different histories, it is difficult to sort out what is right and wrong. I know that I have a gut feeling, but I don't claim to know the history of every nation, I do think if we had more time to live it would be very interesting.

Back on point, I know that there is no individual or group of individuals who can represent the feelings of the entire world. The most domineering to the most demure must be considered. We are all such individuals, such unique minds, grains of sand and snowflakes. None of these are bad things, but I feel like they are so repressed.

If we only gave time to that philosopher, writer, artist, musician, that part of us that creates, maybe we could find happiness. The focus is on money, which history has taught me, but regardless, every person has the right to not only be their "job," but to be their passion as well.

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