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I'm still standing

Well, let's hope this post saves so you don't have to see that side of me again. Though, honestly, I'm not sure anyone looked anyway and somehow that evens things out. Yes, the last week has been rough. I've still been trying to inspire through my Instagram account as well. I never make my blogs long, but Instagram really helps you narrow down what you are feeling, since there isn't much room to speak.

I've been thinking about the many sides of humanity. Sometimes I think I am being crushed by it. Sometimes I wish I could close my eyes and wake up where we thought we would be. I always think that my generation is sort of lost in that way. We are completely ignored, and all of our accomplishments get passed off as the work of someone else. I was certainly left to my own devices.

Honestly, the small effort my parents took when parenting me led me to my own set of beliefs. My mom would now take credit, saying that all she did was just to make me stronger. She is one side, the type of person who does not want to delve into her emotions, and you will never know why. My father is the type who likes to please. I am the type who can never seem to forget anything that I held strong attachment to. That wasn't much, so the memories of the people and things that felt dear t

o me are always very close.

Of course that is true for the bad memories as well. Sometimes I will think of the movie, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," and have a longing for that kind of technology to exist. But, then I remember how the movie ends. We are doomed to make the same mistakes if we do not learn from them. I don't know how many people appreciate that anymore. We used to believe that it was peace we would see in our future, but no one said how we would get there.

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