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I have been thinking about how we, as humans, discuss things with one another. I remember my ex-husband used to love yelling incessantly in my face if our discussion was not going his way. My mother would shy away from any discussion that would cause her to have to be considerate of anyone's feelings but her own. Another boyfriend declaring that any discussion about the end of our relationship would end up in suicide. These are the kinds of thigs we say and do to people we supposedly love.

In the end, I have to control over how someone else want to communicate. I am actually surprised that I started this blog and seem to be revealing so much about myself, which maybe wasn't my intent, but is still cathartic. There is so much that I don't know about the world, about myself, about how these huge changes in our society are effecting us. I know that I am feeling a change that I am uneasy with, and I wish we would talk about it.

It feel as if, in this moment, when we are closer than ever, we are more torn apart. I would love to talk about that.

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