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Obsessive Thinking

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over someone or something? Your mind keeps going back to it, no matter how badly you would like to move away from the thought. For me I feel like my obsessions lie in things that have happened in my life that I can't make sense of. I desperately crave some cessation of the thoughts that sometimes consume me.

I think many of us are preoccupied with some kind of thoughts, and, if I had to bet, most would be about things that cannot be changed or things that haven't happened yet. I have few answers about why we do this to ourselves? Perhaps it is in our DNA. Maybe it had some purpose in evolution that means nothing to us now. Sometimes I think how unlucky we are to carry around this baggage from our ancestors, that is no help to us in the modern era.

My baggage, I am always running away in my mind, mostly to the dark corners. Those are the ones that I am most familiar with. I remember days when I didn't know those spaces existed, but it was so long ago. They have already taken permanent space in my mind. Perhaps one day I can close those doors and open them only when I want to.

It's important to feel in charge of our thoughts and to have spaces for them. Otherwise, oour obsession's will turn into compulsions and rituals. Sound familiar? What do you do when there is something you can't stop thinking of? Do you give in to the obsession?

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