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So many thoughts

Okay, so I will admit that yesterday's blog was very short and probably didn't seem insightful at all. That was all I had right then, and I apologize if it was not up to my standards. This morning I am thinking about...well, to be honest with you, I have a song stuck in my head, does that ever happen to you when you wake up?

I get so deep into my thoughts I will begin the dissection of why I may have had a certain dream or why a song is suddenly in my head. I do believe in something organic and natural that leads us to these mysteries or perhaps causes them. I do feel a hunger to search for the unknown or unexplainable, especially when it comes to the human mind. To me it is fascinating.

None of us are completely alike, the levels of emotions that we share or perhaps even own, in a way, seem to fluctuate greatly from person to person. I always think of the misogynistic saying, that women are too emotional. Lately that one confounds me the most. I see men picking up guns, killing children, killing people who they feel are different, even killing their own families. That kind of behavior is triggered by an emotional response. No, they are not crying (as women are thought to be doing when any little thing goes wrong), they are killing. Tears can help wash away frustration, anger, pain, but you can't bring someone back to life.

Honestly, the preciousness of life is not lost on me. It should be the most valuable thing in the world. Lately, that's shifted, it's money, it's power, it's adoration. I think of loss as a huge tree with roots that never end. It effects us all, we are all connected by it, whether we can see it or not. The loss, I'm afraid, is going to begin to overwhelm us soon, and no politics or money or power will change that for we common people. We will become easily manipulated because of this loss and fear. I wonder, how long will we make it?

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