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Some Mornings, Most Mornings

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

This morning I feel very thoughtful, listening to some Young the Giant. Sometimes I find connection in their music. It's strange and yet so human that we can see our own experiences in others art. For me, it can be overwhelming, but not always in a bad way. I connect many memories to music. I also have a knack for remembering and thinking about things that are long gone for others.

That could be why I have such a passion for music, because every song is someone's memory. That could also be my excitement when I entered the library sciences. You get to organize the works of people who had the perseverance to not only finish their art, but to influence people with it or, at the very least, entertain them. One day I will get back to my storytelling, this world can always use more art! How do you express yourself? Which art form is your favorite?

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