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Wasted Youth

I never really knew what I wanted to be, like, ever. I didn't play with baby dolls, I didn't pretend to be a doctor or a lawyer. I did very badly want o be a singer, but that would have taken more than my parents could give. They were very self involved, and I think born to a generation where so much liberation had them blind to the impact that would have on family life.

I was a latch key kid with no friends and a great love of Duck Tails. Sometimes I wonder if I would have known my parents more, if things would have been different? Probably not, and really, although I would love to and have, there is not much point dwelling on it. Maybe the question is better asked, if my parents had known me, even a little, would I be who I am today?

Sometimes I feel lost because I have no clear direction, only a compass that seems to spin round and round at will. I see young people, beginning their dreams early, and I envy them so much. We will never go back, we are stuck with our experiences. If only we had more years.

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