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What is our humanity?

I wonder why we want to hurt other people so badly? We have love, but being loved by someone does not mean that they cannot hurt you. What is the counterpart to hurt, emotionally I mean? Wounds heal and some leave scars. The wounds to our souls are not so easy to heal as the ones on our bodies. They can tear open at any moment, because we don't know how to heal those things.

I'm not saying that we don't try, or that I discount psychology. I think a lot of it has come from my own experience with both. Just when years have passed and I think I am fine, the old wounds open. It's amazing how they can break you down into so many pieces, You become a broken puzzle that you must solve again. Not having a clear picture, it's like solving a 1000 piece puzzle that is all black.

Being a human is hard. We seem to only be growing in a way that is being pushed by a majority that feels unbearable. I think we all came to this earth to be free. What happens once you are here is on man.

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